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Combining Neurosculpting® with Therapy for a New Approach by Anthony Sosa, CNSF

Neurosculpting® is a science-based self-examination training process that contains a comprehensive package of exercises, resources, and lifestyle tools for daily use in full support of body, nervous system, mind, and spirit healing. This integrative modality is where science and meditation join together to maximize our brain’s ability to learn through our neurological adaptability for the purpose of becoming masters of our own self-directed neuroplasticity process and the master storyteller of our own lives. 

As a reminder, neuroplasticity is the brain’s intrinsic ability to change itself, remodel, and create new pathways to account for learning and adapting to new experiences. 

This modality, in contrast to many psychotherapy orientations, does not rely on needing to discover or understand the why or story behind any experience to change it in the present moment. We may never know the full story to why something happened to us; and this is not a hindrance to healing because of how Neurosculpting seeks to intervene in editing and neuro-writing new scripts for our nervous system to enact because of how neuroplasticity works and is optimized in this modality. Healing can happen psychologically by exploring and bringing compassion to the history of one’s past. Healing also happens in the present moment with or without knowing all the details of the past. While Neurosculpting is not therapy, this approach is what starts to make the integration of Neurosculpting with therapy unique. 

Therapy becomes therapeutic when it contains some kind of attuned relationship grounded in safety between the fields of the organism-environment or client-therapist. This serves to create a healthier brain because there is greater integration, and therefore, greater coherence representing a functional state of harmony for supporting health and healing. It is precisely in a psychotherapeutic context where cultivating healing awareness individually and interpersonally takes place. 

From a neuroscience and psychotherapy perspective, optimal health and functioning are related to increasing levels of growth of neurons and integration of neural networks facilitated through nurturing relationships in enriched environments. Neurons are the basic brain-cell building blocks, whereas neural networks are the interconnected web-like structures of neurons that are sculpted in response to our experiences. 

Integration, as the vital link within all our inner mechanisms that lead to balance, is composed of differentiation and connection that directs us to health and harmony. 

The more integrated we are, the healthier we are. 

Our total health being inseparable from our relationships points to the necessity for applied relationship skills. Especially given how interpersonal relationships themselves can be the vehicle for providing healing when they are attuned to promote the growth of integrative fibers within the networks of all the brains constituting our whole body, mind, and psyche. 

Integrating Neurosculpting with therapy combines the Neurosculpting process with the power of interpersonal relationships to promote the neuroplastic conditions for healthy change by engendering new opportunities for self-integration and co-integration. 

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     Anthony Sosa, CNSF

Anthony Sosa is a master’s student of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Naropa University who previously earned his B.S. in Physics with research in the neuroscience of mindfulness meditation. He is a Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator (CNSF) and will be serving as the Neurosculpting Institute’s intern for 2021-2022.

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