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The Art of Brain Health and Embodied Living



Presented by the Neurosculpting® Institute and Bauman College; Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

A 60 minute video providing a well-rounded daily action plan “toolkit” with principles and practices to empower an embodied life. Learn how your brain and nervous system respond and imprint stress, discover the latest neuroscience research on regulating emotional response by self-directing the nervous system and explore simple and proven practices you can begin today in making a choice in how you think, breathe and eat for overall wellness. This video provides you with a daily plan to live a life powered by intention.  You will receive the first two steps of the Neurosculpting® 5-step process for a whole-brain approach to rewrite limiting beliefs and find wholeness through emotional regulation, along with the Body Current® somatic application and embodied practice, in addition to an Eating for Health nutrition tutorial for mindful eating and brain health.

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