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Fear: One of the Strongest Brain Mapping Emotions

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Fear is one of the strongest mapping emotions in the brain.  We have approximately 100 billion neurons in the brain mapping to thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and physiology.  About five times more of those neurons are allocated to threat detection or fear than to seeing things on the bright side.  The more we fear something, the more we recruit well-exercised neural maps and the stronger that fear becomes…sometimes even becoming the dominant reality and attracting in the very thing we are feeding.  This fear mapping sets off a domino effect of physiological response that can eventually disrupt or cause dysfunction in our digestion, heart rate, glucose levels, muscle and viscera functioning, mental resilience, and cognitive abilities How will YOU stop feeding the fear today?

For more information on how to stop feeding your fears, consider watching some videos of New Beliefs, New Brain or enrolling in courses at the Neurosculpting® Institute

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