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We grow best when we grow together. It’s time for you to get the support you need to live your best life. Our Neurosculpting community is waiting for you.

Become a member today!

Here’s What’s Included

Benefits of Membership


Creativity has the power to improve cognition, brain performance and emotional resilience. Imagine having entirely new perspectives to help solve old problems. Together, we find approaches to your own limitations during our dialogue sessions. Life doesn’t just get better, it gets more fun.


In an uncertain world, we’ve never needed community more than now. Our diverse international community offers lasting connections that create a sense of support, enhance a global view, and provide friendship beyond your local neighborhood.


Our brains are wired to seek social connections as a way of regulating the nervous system. This kind of social-brain regulation only happens person to person. Want to leave feeling better about life than when you arrived? Then attend our online member meet ups.

Ready to do it together, easier, faster and better?

Each month, you gain tools, friends, support, creativity, and a greater sense of well-being.

You don’t have to do the hard work alone!


  • Monthly live meditations and talks 
  • Inspiration and accountability to deepen your meditation practice
  • Support of community
  • A growing library of meditations and practices for daily use
  • Direct access to Founder Lisa Wimberger twice a month
  • Discounts on courses

Monthly Payment


Save 10%

Yearly Payment


"I love being a member! The First Monday Discussions set the tone for me each month. The First Friday Meditations are a great reset. My creativity is always best after the meditations. It’s definitely worth the price to keep connected to the neurosculpting practice. It has changed my life!"
- Melina Meshako
" I love my membership so much. It is an investment in me and I'm worth it!"
- Connie Woythal
"The membership has been invaluable to me. Learning about brain nutrition, meditation and the physicality of the brain has been the most interesting. Well worth the investment."
- Janay Wose Robinson
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