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Neurosculpting® in a Nutshell

Our trademarked process of meditation involves five easy steps to relax the body while focusing the mind for stress regulation, pattern rewiring, and performance optimization.

Step 1: quiets stress arousal and engages the body’s rest and digest system.

Step 2: enhances focused attention and creativity

Step 3: increases bilateral connectivity and mental pattern recognition

Step 4: increases somatic awareness and memory recall

Step 5: increases perceptual shifts

Both the word and the 5-step process is trademarked on 4 continents. To ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy, the 5-step process and Neurosculpting Meditations may only be taught to others by a certified practitioner.


  • A meditation modality you can use on your own
  • An institute you can learn from
  • A NeuroPraxis app you can have on your phone
  • A certification program
  • An international community of meditators and practitioners
  • A collection of books
  • A light at the end of the tunnel

We believe in the inherent goodness of people and the deep power within all of us. We are dedicated to healing the world one mind at a time.

We empower people through brain-based practices, education and meditation. Our diverse and growing group of students, practitioners, and meditators are individuals from all walks of life with one thing in common; we’ve all known the weight of stress and hardship and have chosen health and growth above convenience.

When most people say “I can’t”, Neurosculptors know they can.

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