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Healing Doesn’t Have to Hurt by Travis Rumsey, CNSF

Sometimes when I meet new clients who are ready to make a shift in their lives, there can be an air of ‘let’s get this over with.’ They’re at the point where they know something needs to change. They may even be a little excited and optimistic about a new future, but they often also carry the opinion that there’s a price to pay to get what they want. No pain, no gain. ‘I’m going to have to suffer to get what I want.’  

Maybe it’s our culture that has ingrained upon us the idea that there’s no way healing can be pleasurable. Think about working out, or dieting, or fiscal responsibility. Traditionally, to succeed at any of these meant a certain amount of denial, pushing through, doing without, doing what you don’t naturally want to be doing. So, it’s no wonder many of us feel like change is likely to be painful.

But that’s not the reality I, nor my clients, have experienced with Neurosculpting®. The same is true for TRE®, a stress and tension relieving practice I also teach that the Institute. Both of these healing modalities are quite pleasurable to practice, yet can bring about profound change.  

In fact, every step of the simple and easy to practice 5-step Neurosculpting® process is pleasurable. Neurosculpting® has as its very first step a built-in calming mechanism. It’s pleasurable from the get-go. Step number one involves calming down our habitual stress state and places us in a creative mind space where we are working from our higher self.  Unsurprisingly, this feels great and does wonders for our physiology. As the practice unfolds, we get to play with our creative mind, literally seeing and feeling our negative patterns dissolve. This is followed by seeing and feeling a new and pleasurable way of being. After all of this, you’re given practices to bring these feelings – these new ways of being – into every moment of your life with virtually no effort. Pleasure upon pleasure, instantaneously. Definitely not the usual paradigm of healing and change.

TRE®, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, is a set of physical movements that help release deep patterns of tension. Even though the word ‘exercises’ is in this technique’s title, you never break a sweat, and your heart rate rarely increases from these exercises. You’re never asked to do anything that even approaches pain. In fact, we actively avoid it in TRE®. In addition, most of the work in TRE® is done lying down. In essence, exercises you do lying down that releases tension in your body. Seriously, how less arduous could it be? Easy as pie.

Neurosculpting® and TRE® can shift your mind and body out of well-rehearsed patterns of stress and discord, usually with little effort, and without any pain. Once learned, you’ll be able to utilize both practices on your own wherever you like and whenever you need to keep.

Experience TRE® at an Introductory or Deep level on August 17th with Travis Rumsey, CNSF at NSI.


Travis Rumsey, CNSF

Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, TRE® Provider, NSI Program Coordinator

Travis, CNSF loves explaining the science behind Neurosculpting® as well as guiding people to the transforming experience of creating choice in their life’s direction. In addition to being a Neurosculpting® facilitator, Travis is also a TRE® – Trauma & Tension Release Exercises – provider. He has a deep first-hand experience of how bringing the body into the Neurosculpting® process through TREs enhances and amplifies personal growth. He teaches these exercises to new CNSFs as well as to the general public, helping them get the most out of their Neurosculpting® experience.

In his private coaching practice, Travis helps clients clear a path to an understanding of their essential selves, opening them to a life of strength and effectiveness.

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