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Stressed? Just Breathe…

Stressed – Just Breathe!

It’s been about a year since I made a commitment to start the process of becoming a Neurosculpting® Facilitator. Since completing in January, I’ve been putting myself out there. It is so much harder to actually put your dreams into action! I start my day with a list of tasks that I commit to completing at least one each day. Example: contact yoga studios, spiritual groups, write a blog, marketing emails; wearing all these hats, trying to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, sometimes I get stressed, feel overwhelmed. 

So why am I stressed?

Somewhere deep inside my limbic self are stories screaming “you’re not smart enough,” “you’re too old,” “you’re not good enough,” “what if you fail”! What are these stories I’m telling myself? Why am I sabotaging myself? 

It doesn’t matter if the story is made up or part of our history- it matters what we do with them and not make ourselves victims of our own stories. We need to exercise control over our limbic brain on how not to react to negative thoughts. This is where I use Neurosculpting®

Just breathe!

How do I do this?  I take a moment and focus on my breath. We breathe approximately 16 breaths a minute, approximately 23 thousand breaths a day! That trivia alone has me counting my breaths, calming me.  I then grab my list and as I accomplish something, I check it off, maybe with a novel colored squiggly mark ~ or a smiley face 😊.  That mark grounds me, knowing I completed even one small task on my list.

Change is good

We need to change how we look at ourselves in order to make changes to negative patterns. We have to remember to take time for self-care, be mindful of what helps us so we can let go of the thoughts that hurt us. Stress is a natural response when things get tough. Our limbic self has saved our life, we need to distinguish between what can save us and what can harm us in each moment both emotional and physical.


What is my motivation? Love of doing something meaningful, finding my authentic self, not just bringing home a paycheck. Being an example to my younger cohorts that you’re never too old to start something new. I have re-invented myself over and over throughout my life. I married, raised a family, divorced, became a single working mom, traveled alone, earned degrees, a whole lot of firsts! Experience is invaluable. The older you become the more your life makes sense, things fall into place. After all this is the best version of myself and I intend to make the most of it with some help from Neurosculpting®.


Sharon Meny, CNSF

Sharon Meny is a New Jersey native who recently made her home in Wilmington, NC.  Sharon started practicing yoga and mindfullness over 10 years ago and realized it was relieving her stress and anxiety.  After sometime she came off medications and she was hooked. She met her yoga teacher and mentor Jody Domerstad where she was introduced to Neurosculpting® .

Sharon is a 200 hr and 300 hr yoga instructor, Reiki Master and Neurosculpting® facilitator.  She is in the process of opening a studio where her goal is to create a community within a safe and nurturing environment, to celebrate life and uplift those around us through our actions.

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