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Your Cranky Mood Could Be Because Your Brain is Bored

Hebb’s Law states that neurons that fire together wire together.  This is the basis of neuroplasticity–our ability to rewire our brains, behaviors, moods and thoughts.  This happens when our brains are signaled to pay attention, like when we’re learning something new.  In this learning environment the brain releases   dopamine and acetylcholine which stamp the new experience into a dedicated neural path and encode it for a richer memory.  In these moments we are wiring a new skill or event into the memory banks of our brains.  This simple act gives the brain exercise, healthy activity, blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, spike growth hormones that protect our brains against aging, and much more health-oriented functions.  How much more versatile and healthy could your brain and behavior be if you learned something new each day, solved a puzzle, or drove a new route to work?  How can you ask your brain to pay attention today?


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