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5 Top Lifestyle Changes to Adopt in 2020 by Tori Lutz

Many of us are ready to step into the New Year with resolutions about our health and lifestyle! Here’s the 5 Top lifestyle changes to adopt in 2020:

Drink more water

The importance of drinking lots of water and staying hydrated at all times is one of the top healthy lifestyle changes to adopt primarily since it has many benefits: it helps to flush out harmful waste products from your body, accelerates metabolism and as a beauty bonus: it helps moisturize and keep the skin plump.

If you’re not fond of drinking plain water, consider adding some fresh fruits, adding a splash of lime or lemon and keeping that water bottle in plain sight!

Getting in all your fruits and vegetables

“Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants and fiber that rid your body of metabolic wastes, as well as help to neutralize free radicals, which hasten cellular aging,” says Dr. Sarah Bennett, a physician at Natural Med Doc.

Additionally, these foods keep your immune system healthy as fiber is prebiotic, which help nourish the “good bacteria” in your gut – and having optimal flora in your gut has been associated with less inflammation, as well as better mental health.

Start a new habit:  “Wellness Wednesdays”

Wellness is a priority every day of the week. However, having a scheduled time or committed day to focus on your self-care and health can help you to reorient and stick to your health resolutions.

Wednesdays can be the most ideal time of the week since they are considered to be the “hump days” and you can shift the focus from day-to-day obligations and remind yourself that self-care is of the utmost priority.

Do things that you like and help you to connect with yourself – things like dancing, painting, singing, sculpting, cleaning and or try these easy and nurturing self-care treatments at home.

Move more often

Many of us sit at their desks for prolonged periods of time throughout the day and become more susceptible to the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle – illnesses such as higher risk for cardiovascular disease, as well as obesity.

Consider exercise as any form of  “movement” and instilling a ritual of at least 10 minutes three times a day where we are getting up from the seat, perhaps taking a short walk or doing yoga.


Journaling has been proven to have innumerable positive effects on both your mental and physical health because it can allow you to let out all your pent-up thoughts as well as create more internal emotional insight.

There are many different kinds of journaling – self-reflection such as “What Went Well,” bullet point journaling, or journaling for productivity with journals such as Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits.

Tori Lutz

Katherine (Tori) Lutz is a graduate of Florida State University and current student at Columbia University. Though her studies have focused on the areas of English and writing, she has always had a passion for the subjects of health and biology. This is why professionally, Tori has gained a great deal of experience in writing and editing topics that fall into this field of passion. She is currently living in New York City with her cat, Garfunkel, and hopes to one day be a journalist.











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