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Is Your Head full of Plastic?

In the last few decades the concept of neuroplasticity has taken hold of the science community.  We agree now that our brains are malleable, waxing and waning in their structure and function, and ever changeable.  brain plasticity

NOW we know it’s even more plastic than that!  Not only can we birth new brain cells, and strengthen existing ones, we also have the power to manipulate the neurotransmitters released from those cells.  The messengers themselves are forever morphing based on the brain’s needs.  Daylight effects how and where we produce dopamine and extra excitation can cause cells to switch the neurotransmitters they produce so the cell becomes quiet.  Down to the very last components, our brains are dynamically changing with each thought and action.  Every belief you have causes a structural and functional change in the brain.

Each thought causes and is the result of a choreographed neural excitation which, when repeated over time, becomes stronger by strengthening the synaptic gap, growing more neurotransmitter receptors, increasing the firing potential and strength of the electrical signal, and growing more dendritic spines.  We exercise our brain with out thoughts and the gray matter responds.

Knowing you are charting maps and paths in your own brain, what thoughts are you choosing to think today?

For more information on this new discovery read this article here!

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