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Biased by Smell – You’ll be Amazed at how Easily You are Influenced!

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In studies, unpleasant odors that either preceded or happened simultaneously with facial expressions (Scientific American Mag) or as subjects read short paragraphs (Eagleman, Incognito) caused individuals to feel disgust in relation to the action they were witnessing or engaged in.  insula

Bad smells activate the insula, a center of the brain that registers disgust, and causes us to experience that feeling in the context of a situation.  If environmental factors can influence the emotional context of the situation this easily, then perhaps some of our interpretations of the world are highly subjective – even incorrect!

In what ways do we wrongly judge others based on the environmental factors present at the time?

How can you minimize your negative environment today so that you maximize your compassion for other?

What if you were to take a deep, long inhale of your favorite scent at the start of your day?


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Embodied Warrior




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