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Boost Your Curiosity and Your Pleasure by: Michelle Lee Weldon LPC, E~RYT, CNSF

If the fountain of youth is an elixir, curiosity just might be one of its active ingredients.

What do you feel when you think of curiosity? I notice the idea of curiosity sparks images in my mind of wide-eyed wonder. I start to feel sensations of delight, and a little adrenaline… a kind of “leaning in” sensation.

Boost Your Curiosity

When I experience these sensations of curiosity and wonder, certain neurotransmitters increase their levels in my brain, to help me prepare for the new learning that might be coming. (As long as we feel safe and resourced, our brains love new learning!)

dopaOne of these neurotransmitters is dopamine. Dopamine has a lot of functions in our body. One of its primary functions, is as a pleasure mediator. It is released during pleasurable situations and also stimulates us to seek out other activities that make us feel good.  

Pleasure is the New Black

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but pleasure is the new black. I mean, it’s the bandwagon everyone is jumping on, and for good reason. The better we feel, the more open we are to new ideas, the more likely we are be generous (our world could use a little generosity!), the more successful we are in our relationships, and the healthier we are! The list goes on and on.

shoulderBut here’s the deal. It’s not all fat puppies and rainbows. You actually have to create some room for pleasure in your nervous system. And to do that, you have to know what to do with all the crap that’s been piled on your shoulders for as long as you can remember. And how not to keep piling it on yourself.

Get Curious!

This is where Neurosculpting® coaching comes in! It starts with getting curious. Neurosculpting® guided meditations led by a Neurosculpting® coach are designed specifically to help you get curious! Get curious about what patterns you’ve built to survive the frustrations of life. As long as you feel curious, you stay connected to the part of your brain that keeps you in charge, rather than letting the emotions and patterns of the past flood you.

gunkOnce you’ve identified some of the past gunk blocking your way to how you want to feel in your life every day, Neurosculpting® coaching will help you take steps to reclaim your agency over life, rather than feel like life is doing you.

It goes like this:

*Get Curious → Increase Dopamine → Neurosculpt®

*Result: Feel more empowered, healthy, youthful, and feel an increased sense of pleasure every day.

What if you could feel that childlike, wide-eyed wonder and delight, every day?

Michelle LeeMichelle Lee Weldon

Michelle is over the moon about being a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator. Neurosculpting® has helped Michelle to re-wire unproductive habits and ways of thinking and to discover a clearer and more integrated path in both her professional and personal life. Michelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Experienced-Registered Yoga Instructor and Vibrant Medicine Coach. She provides one on one Vibrant Medicine Coaching sessions which may include one or all of the following techniques: Neurosculpting® meditation sessions; Yoga Psychotherapy; EMDR techniques; guided meditation; nutrition coaching and Collaborative Medicine referrals. Michelle is the enrollment coordinator for Samadhi Center for Yoga’s 200hr Teacher Training Program and provides Yoga Based Resiliency Training workshops to medical and mental health professionals and others working in the direct care field. To see when Michelle is offering Neurosculpting® workshops near you, please visit

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