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Can Blueberries Help You Live Longer?

What if your lunch today included blueberries, dark chocolate, pistachios, and a glass of Port or red wine?  Would you feel indulgent, perhaps even a tad bit guilty?  Think again!  According to Dr. Eric Braverman consuming foods with resveratrol, a class of polyphenols called sirtuin, has been found to “help directly repair genes and make them more resistant to damage, thereby increasing human longevity by decreasing cellular death. These super repair genes are thought to slow down the aging process because they trick the body into a natural response…and becomes more efficient because it doesn’t have any resources to waste.  The result is that on the cellular level, the body produces less toxicity, and individual cells actually live longer.” (169)  That imaginary lunch menu includes many of the foods high in these properties.  If you could deliver a power-house punch of anti-aging properties for your body and mind, why wouldn’t you do that everyday…especially if it tasted great to do it?  How much more can you improve your health today?

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