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Creativity and Open Mindedness are Just One Song Away.

In studies done in 2010 at North Dakota State University it was shown that individuals who were more creative were better able to down or up-regulate their cognitive control system based on the situation.  This is called cognitive flexibility.  To add to this, in 2011 neuroscientist Allan Snyder of the Center for Mind in Sydney did research to show that when the left side of the prefrontal cortex ( the linear, rational, logic-based side) was quieted and the right side of the PFC was excited ( the abstract, artistic, metaphoric, intuitive side) individuals were better able to solve more math and concept problems than they could before.  These individuals were also better able to generate more novel ideas.  What could happen if you identified some right-brain activities you liked to do, and then engaged in them during times you need to use novelty and creative problem-solving in your own life?  What would happen if you listened to that particular song that always seems to take you away as a way of priming your frontal cortex to be in this heightened creative space?  How much more novelty is waiting for you just one song away?

Allan Snyder

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