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Developing Intuition Can Make You Smarter


What does intuition have to do with intelligence?

Being in touch with your emotions and the emotions of others not only makes you seem smarter, it actually improves your memory.  This is because it uses the prefrontal cortex.  Unless you get more intuitive, you can’t get smarter.  My research and my experience with patients have shown that sensory types–those who are influenced only by what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell–are more likely to have dementia later in life….Their rationally thinking brains don’t get exercised by an imaginative life…and they don’t ever expand with new neuronal connections that come from deeply understanding new ideas. ~ Dr. Eric Braverman

What one thing can you do  today to help you empathize with a friend, co-worker, or partner?
How much more deeply can you explore one of your own emotions today?

If you don’t already have a plan to develop your intuition and exercise your prefrontal cortex, check out some of our intro classes at the Neurosculpting® Institute.

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