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Director of My Life by Kelley Seriano, CNSF

In the hustle of the day to day, it is easy to default to letting life happen to me, because it may feel easier in the moment. When this happens, I find that I fall prey to being a victim. Being the Director of my Life is a much better position to be in.

Let’s take the topic of relationships for example. The Relationship Mediation in the Neurosculpting® collection allows ME to develop the relationships I want in my life. I want blissful companionship along with ease and authentic joy. The only way I can allow this to happen is to continue to nurture those ideas and stay conscious of what I am projecting into the world. Yet some days, I get filled with self-doubt, fear, and my ego starts to run with my emotions. Or that friend that may be having a struggle can sneak in and dump extra worries into my space.

It’s critical for me to clear that fog so I can take the ownership of projecting outward and really look inward as to what I am attracting. This holds true on a big picture scale, like Job – Love – Family – Relationships, and on the smaller scale, like what traffic will look like, finding that parking spot, how my meal prep will go, and even how my hair will turn out.

In directing my own life, steps can go like this: I decide what I DON’T want and I imagine the color and texture. . . sometimes, even the smell of those concepts. I imagine moving the “yuck” out of my space. And I always get a good shake after that’s done! When the space feels clear, I allow in what I DO want. This is a daily routine for me and I feel it is just as critical as brushing my teeth. Imagine you are the Director of your Life and it is a movie for the big screen. What may look different? How would your world shift if you knew you had total control?

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Kelley Seriano, CNSF

Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator

While managing her 18 year corporate career, through extensive education, commitment and the study of Neurosculpting® with the Neurosculpting® Institute, Kelley has cultivated even greater balance, authentic joy and has developed solid techniques for stress management.

Certified in yoga instruction and mat Pilates and practicing meditation allows Kelley to live her life fully while always growing to the next level of awareness! One of Kelley’s greatest joys is helping other people achieve stronger mental health and balance in their lives and sharing her gift of dedication and insight is how she will guide you in your journey to increased holistic health.

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