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Hangry by: Kelley Seriano

Like many of us, I also have a busy lifestyle, which I thrive in – go, go and go! Although I am thriving, I sometimes forget what I preach to my client base about nutrition. While traveling this week for work, I had the opportunity to feel some serious Hangry. Hangry can be defined as not eating so it causes anger. It was a Tuesday morning and 5:00am rolled in and I was already in route to the airport, the night prior I taught 2 amazing fitness barre classes and, to be honest, snacked on almonds and drank tea for dinner. Sound familiar to anyone? Well, as I was going through airport security I felt myself irritated with almost everyone and I didn’t understand why these emotions were racing around my body. I had responded to a few text messages and emails even more terse than usual. I also found my mind was racing all around with my to do list. All of a sudden I saw a little girl at the airport tugging on her mothers shirt saying, “I am hungry”…And I thought – damn, I am hungry too. I instantly found some foods that would serve my prefrontal cortex – proteins, fats and carbs. I sat down and enjoyed every bite of this meal. Within 20 minutes I felt stable and ready to take on the world. In addition I was much more pleasant to be around. When the going gets tough – nutrition is the answer. I learned this awareness through the Neurosculpting@ Institute. I have taken many of our Brain Nutrition classes and certification courses. Golden rule is eating a balanced meal, getting proper sleep and having a healthy movement program to maintain healthy organs and proper hydration in the body. If you find yourself a little extra angry – EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY.

Kelley SerianoKelley Seriano

I was born and raised in Chicago IL and hold a business degree.  I grew up in a family of strong work ethic, my father and mother never took days off for vacation or called in sick. This foundation causes me to stay highly motivated and disciplined. My days were spent as a child through college were spent dancing for at least 4 hours and studying for 3 while managing a full class schedule.  Today I business consult with all sized organizations, and have been for the past 15 years. I stay on top of my passion for fitness, fundraising events and spending time with loved ones. Neurosculpting® helped me cultivate greater balance, authentic joy and develop techniques for stress management. Along with over 400 hours of brain study I am a also certified in Yoga Instruction and Mat Pilates. Blending meditation with my life has allowed me to live fully!

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