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Help for Cops

It wasn’t long ago that the mindfulness topic was considered taboo in fields like law enforcement. Fortunately, that is changing.  Officers suffer some of the worst statistics when it comes to quality of life, longevity, health, and happy marriages.  We expect officers to be beyond reproach, yet we don’t always equip them with the skills necessary to cope with what they encounter on a day to day basis.  We crucify them for their misdeeds, but rarely praise them for their heroics.  And yet, all the while, they are just human.  Neurosculpting® has been serving officers in trauma since 2007.  It’s time that we understood changes in the brain as a result of stress cause behaviors and patterns that none of us consider healthy.  There is something to be done about it, and we are the ones willing to do it.

To learn more watch this video from Police One as we explore the current health needs of the law enforcement industry.

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