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What a Difference a Verb can Make!


Did you know that when the fight-or-flight center of the brain is engaged (the limbic system) saying things like I AM so angry keeps the blood flowing in that direction, feeding that center.  limbic system


when you switch to I FEEL so angry there is a measurable shift in blood flow AWAY from the fight-or-flight center and towards the prefrontal cortex — the very part of the brain that cultivates witnessing, compassion, and problem-solving.  This is called Name it and Tame it in the crisis-intervention world. You can learn more about this process from Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Mindsight.

Being aware of these brain states and relationships is the cornerstone of Neurosculpting®.  By combining science’s understanding of the brain and meditation’s rich heritage we create a system that can target these limbic responses quickly and simply!



To learn more about Neurosculpting® you can watch this FREE Basics Course, or you can read New Beliefs, New Brain.

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