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It Takes a Village — a Community of Neurons

To be our animated best selves requires us to be in a graceful electro-chemical choreography. All of our actions, thoughts, desires, emotions and behaviors are physiologically the result of networked neural activity in the brain.  One neuron’s “voice” alone does not result in a smile, a hug, or a memory; however that one neuron’s voice singing in conjunction with a choir of other voices becomes the collective representation of that feeling of love, that look of contentment, or that handshake.  The inner and outer worlds mirror each other in a beautiful micro-macro union.  With the unified efforts of those around us we have the opportunity to create communities of power, strength, integrity, generosity, empathy, and growth.

Our thoughts take a village of neurons, our life’s sustainability takes a village of friends, and our earth’s future takes a village of cultures.

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Want to get in touch with how YOU are choreographing activity in your own mind?  Learn with us in our online classes.

Ready to dive into deep brain navigation?  Join us at these two amazing immersions!

JUNE 8 – 11

Neurosculpting® for Stress Relief at Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Center, MA


SEPT 21 – 27

Embodied Warrior: A Neurosculpting® Path to Personal Empowerment

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