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Life out of Control

How we focus our attention determines the neural maps we reinforce in our brains.  It is the basis of neuroplasticity–our inherent gift of transformation.  Daniel Siegel notes in Mindsight “Some days we lean towards chaos–life feels unpredictable and out of control.   But in general, when we are well and at ease, we move along this winding path of harmony, the integrated flow of a flexible system.  We sense the familiar but are not trapped by it.  We live at the threshold of the unknown and have the courage to move into new and uncharted waters.  this is living a life as it unfolds, moment by moment, in a flowing journey between rigidity and chaos.” (71)  To do this we must have a healthy dialogue between right and left brain, validating both, favoring neither.  What would your flow be like if you allowed your logic mind to embrace awe, and your inspired expression find clear and articulate words?


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