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Meditation in the Corporate World by: Tamme Buckner

Meditation and the Corporate World? These two may seem unrelated at first glance, but did you know that in today’s fast paced multitasking world, employees that meditate may actually be your most productive employees.

There is a plethora of research documenting the negative impacts of stress on employees and companies. In fact, stress is said to cost employers $300 billion each year.

Through the lens of Neuroscience, we know that ’stress’ can take place in the limbic center of our brain. This is the part of our brain that houses our fight, flight or freeze response. It is appropriate to use this fight, flight or freeze response when we are in physical harm but our brains do not know the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat. What does this mean? Well when you get triggered by that text message, or upset at a meeting or conference call, or have a dispute with a co-worker or boss, or you are late because of traffic, or you experience anger when someone steals your lunch or eats the last goodie in the break room, etc. etc. your brain can (and will) react as if your life is in danger by engaging the fight, flight or freeze response.

One solution is to harness our neuroplastic abilities and create an environment where we go to a Prefrontal Cortex state of mind more often. The Prefrontal Cortex is considered the ‘newer’ part of the brain. It houses all of our higher human capabilities like big picture thinking, compassion, empathy, social graces and more. The Prefrontal Cortex is associated with our Parasympathetic Nervous System which is when our bodies are in ‘Rest, Digest, Repair and Restore’ mode. When we are engaged in a calming exercise like meditation we are usually predominantly in a Prefrontal Cortex state of mind. Neurosculpting® is one such Meditation tool that can help create this state of mind and being. It really is learning how to train our brain to deal with states of stress and how do down-regulate the limbic fight, flight or freeze response once it is engaged. We can learn to rewire our Neuro Landscape with repetition and practice.

Meditation brings with it many benefits.

  1. A sense of calm and peace associated with the Prefrontal Cortex and the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  2. Ability to communicate from a neutral place vs. defensive and triggered
  3. Big picture thinking, compassion and empathy.

People that work, lead and create from these spaces can bring about a culture of harmony and togetherness in the Corporate World – AND can be some of your most productive workers.

To learn more visit Tamme at and the Neurosculpting Institute at

Tamme Buckner

Tamme Buckner believes that every individual has the innate ability to balance Body, Mind and Spirit. As a Certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, Certified Vedic Astrologer, 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Reiki Master she possesses many skills to help create and maintain this delicate balance in this often fast paced, stressed and chaotic world we all live in today. Tamme has always been a seeker and walks this path with a smile guided by her heart. She wholeheartedly believes meditation is one of the greatest tools to help create the space that encourages the ability to flow through the highs and lows of life with grace and ease. She is honored to be able to share and facilitate the Neurosculpting classes in a group setting and is also available for private consultations for Neurosculpting as well as Vedic Astrology readings.

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