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Mindfulness Changing the Political Brain?

The time has come for politics to recognize the magic of both compassion and neuroplasticity!  “The fact that our brain is always changing means we’re not locked in to having the stress superhighway built into our nervous system…The cutting-edge research today shows us how mindfulness can help us reshape our brain and nervous system…Now studies by Dr. Sara Lazar, of Harvard University’s Massachusetts General Hospital, are suggesting that after an eight-week mindfulness based stress reduction program at least one side of the amygdala gets thinner. By practicing mindfulness we can change the way our brain functions. Most important, we can change it in the direction of balance and in fact in the direction of kindness.” (Congressman Tim Ryan, A Mindful Nation).  500 copies of this book have been sent to congress.  What are you doing today to bring mindfulness to your community?

Click here to watch a video of Congressman Ryan on Mindfulness

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