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Neurosculpting® Summer Camp for Kids Debuts this August by: Megan Winkler

The first ever Neurosculpting® based summer kids camp launches in North Texas August 1 – 5 with CAMP be 2016, a five-day camp focused on learning and wellness. Day campers will experience Neurosculpting® sessions with Megan Winkler, CNSF, and kid-centric yoga with Imagination Yoga DFW-North co-founder, Aimee Petry. Boys and girls ages 8 to 10 will make crafts, experience expressive movement with a Denton Dance Conservatory faculty member, learn about nutrition, and so much more at CAMP be.

Neurosculpting® For Kids
A growing body of evidence supports meditation for children as well as adults. Studies have shown that meditation:
Improves behavior
Increases test scores and overall academic performance
Decreases dropout rates
Reduces impulsive behavior
Teaches children to have more control over their emotions

Neurosculpting® provides students of all ages with a practical, easy-to-understand process that, when followed, has shown to aid in overcoming fears, healing from trauma, and reducing stress. The five-step process teaches children to reduce their stress through the instructor-led down-regulation of the hyperactive “fight-or-flight” center of the brain, followed by practices that boost focused attention and support emotional regulation. Neurosculpting® meditations facilitate interaction between both sides of the brain, increasing activity for both the analytical and the intuitive, feeling parts of the brain. Somatosensory engagement is woven into each meditation to help children remember the progress they’ve made and the stress release they’ve experienced long after a session. Finally, children are taught how to replicate the process in their day-to-day activities.

Neurosculpting® for kids has all the same components of adult classes, delivered in a format that children embrace. At CAMP be, each day will deliver something new, and kids will learn how to be mindful, be kind, be healthy, be brave, and, finally, to be themselves.

August 1 – 5, 2016

be. Women’s Health & Wellness
8700 East Highway 380, Suite 300
Crossroads, TX 76227

Pricing & Registration:
Please reserve your child’s spot at:

neurosculpting_institute_megan_winkler.jpgMegan Winkler

Open, friendly, and compassionate, Megan Winkler is inspired to make the world a better place. In 2013, she began studying Neurosculpting®, a brain-based approach to healing through the union of meditation and neuroscience. She found that it settled her mind and helped her manage stress in life-changing ways. In 2014, she completed her Tier 1 certification with the Neurosculpting® Institute. As a meditation instructor, Megan provides a safe, comfortable environment in which students of all ages—eight to 108—can unlock their innate ability to experience change and healing in their own lives. She currently serves as the Neurosculpting® Institute’s Editorial Coordinator and Youth Program Co-Developer. She also holds a certification in Nutritional Therapy and regularly integrates nutritional suggestions into classes. When she’s not teaching in person or online, Megan can be found working on her tiny home project with partner Mike and her daughter, singing karaoke, or working on her latest novel.  Website:

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