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Obstacle in your life? Sculpting it Out by: Jody Domerstad

Throughout our life we will be faced with various obstacles such as projects at work, an illness, an uncertainty in our life causing us confusion and possibly a major transition in which we don’t know where to go or what to do.

When anything in our life occurs that we are unfamiliar with, it can create uncertainty whether life enhancing or not, our brain can still register it as a dangerous threat. Why? Because we do not have a skill set or something to reference it in our memory so we can deal with it.

Did you know we are a “negatively biased species” by default. Our prehistoric brain also known as the limbic system or reptilian brain only understands flight, flight, and freeze. It is what we used primarily for thousands of years to keep us alive. This part of the brain is quick and can process multiple pieces of information at once. It is considered unconscious and things  happen automatically. This is why we need the following suggestions to assist us when overcoming obstacles.

  1. Conscious Pause

Stop, pause, take a moment, and notice your breath. Bring your attention to breathing deeper and longer. When faced with an obstacle we need to create a pause before our brain goes right to danger mode. By pausing, breathing and telling yourself; I am safe, I got this, everything is ok in this moment. You allow your brain and body to stay calm and clear so you have more possibilities available.  

  1. What would so and so do?

Whom do you admire? Is there someone who has a certain trait in which you’d like to cultivate for yourself. When I am dealing with health or car insurance companies because something is wrong with my bill, I think what would my husband do? How would he speak and how would he behave because sometimes I get a little aggressive (just a habit). By thinking what would my husband do I just put myself in his shoes and use curiosity to do it which happens in a different part of your brain where stress and fear does not reside.

Life can be challenging sometimes and we may feel bombarded, lost, frustrated, and/or helpless but remember there are tools to shift this perspective.  If you can practice the techniques above you can move into a space where fresh ideas, different resources, and unlimited possibilities lay. Sculpt it out.

Jody Domerstad

Jody Domerstad is honored to be a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator. She is excited to share this work because of how immensely the tools of Neurosculpting have augmented her healing process from the removal of a meningioma from her frontal lobe and the consequent head trauma. Additionally using Neurosculpting® techniques, Jody has begun to re-establish safety in her life, subdue lingering anxiety and fear attributed to PTSD, re-connect communication between spheres of the brain, and has been weaned off anti-seizure medication that was initially prescribed for the rest of her life post brain-surgery. Jody is a popular yoga teacher just outside of NYC offering 200, 300, and 500-hour teacher trainings, in an alignment driven hatha yoga. Other certifications include Inner Light Method and SourcePoint Therapy. Jody is available for private sessions and classes.


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