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A Fear-Orientation is Killing You!

In our modern world of green-house fears, war atrocities, environmental pillaging, and global threats the social media is rife with stories of conspiracy, fear, and apocalyptic preparedness.

What is this focus doing to us?

While it’s not advisable to put our heads in the sand and ignore the direction of current events, we can effect an even greater change in those events if we approach them outside of our fear-biases. It is our perception of the events that adds more trauma to the cascade of negativity.

The amygdala engages far more often during our day-to-day than is healthy.  It takes the smallest perceived threat or stress sent to it by any  number of its many inputsamygdala_pic and initiates reaction in the body…Many of those negative stories we tell ourselves keep us in a low-level state of danger or fear response.  We become oriented towards the world from a place of negative associations.” — excerpt from New Beliefs, New Brain: Free Yourself From Stress and Fear.

A chronic fear-based disposition causes inflammation of the body, including the mind.  We begin to produce free-radicals in excess, compromise our immunity, inhibit digestions and absorption of nutrients, and impair our ability to regulate sleep cycles and process sugar normally.  So while we may not be able to effect great change over the global events happening all around us, we CAN effect great change within our own sphere of influence.  Our thoughts are our domain.

Can you identify one negative story you are telling yourself today and begin to rewrite it?

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