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Which Come First, Thought or Emotion?

Which comes first, thought or emotion?  Because sensory information streams through our cortices with many connection points into the limbic brain by the time the information reaches our cerebral cortex for logic processing we have already placed a "feeling" on…


Can Learning NOW Prevent Alzheimers?

Alzheimers is a feared and dignity-stripping blight on many of our images of old age.  Recent research in neuroscience notes that those with Alzheimers have a shrunken hippocamus--inhibiting their ability to create new memories and access old ones.  Amazingly, the…


Wait Until your Father gets Home!

The Insula is important in our social brains. It's involved with things like processing events in the future based on our current body states, and it is active when dealing with pride and disgust. Studies published in last year's Journal…


Mindfulness Changing the Political Brain?

The time has come for politics to recognize the magic of both compassion and neuroplasticity!  "The fact that our brain is always changing means we're not locked in to having the stress superhighway built into our nervous system...The cutting-edge research…

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