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The more you think a thought, the stronger that neural network becomes, exercising the synapse, broadening the dendritic reach, enhancing the long term potentiation, and thickening the gray matter.  The thought-muscle you exercise grows in dominance.  What are YOU choosing…


Our Plastic Thoughts

Did you know your brain is plastic! The brain is a substance that can easily be shaped or molded. NY Times best seller Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain notes in the foreword of New Beliefs, New Brain that researchers not…


Getting Rid of Unwanted Memories

There is likely an ethical debate that could ensue around the art of removing or rewriting unwanted memories.  Perhaps words like denial or delusion come to mind.  But let's pretend for a moment that neither of these things is an…


Your Outdated Treasure Map

What if that one imaginary treasure map you drew as a child was the only map you were ever allowed to follow for the rest of your life?  Could you get to all of the many places you'd need to…


Could Walking Upstairs Prevent Alzheimers?

Many view aging as a predestined journey towards senility, dementia or Alzheimers...or at least that's what current American statistics would have us believe.  Those with Alzheimers have no ability to create new memories and store them in their hippocampus --…


Where the Gray Matters

Recent neuroscience is showing that the more we move into fear and threat response, the more we exercise and strengthen the neural pathways around the limbic brain which is our fight -or-flight center.  We also end up shrinking or pruning…


Are You Cross-Wired?

It's proven we can wire neutral events to fearful responses. Ex: a dog barks each time you get a bit of bad news. Soon, you cringe at the dog bark, even if no bad news follows. The auditory cortex delivers…


Taming the Fear Response

Our Amygdala is the cornerstone of our fight-or-flight and fear response.  It keeps us safe in emergencies, action-oriented in crisis, and powerful when we have little reserves.  It also happens to dominate with use and become our filter for the…


Is Your Brain About to Explode?

Our mental, physical, and spiritual self is intimately related to our brain functioning.  Much of what we fuel ourselves with, including our thoughts, can harm or heal this delicate and miraculous command center.  Aspartame, which is structurally similar to glutamate,…

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