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Talk to your Dis-ease by: Jody Domerstad

What if we befriended ailments, dis-eases, fears, and anxieties?  

Over the past few years as my health grew worse, numerous illnesses took host in my body and slowly started to affect my mind. After seeing doctor after doctor no one could figure out exactly nor nail down a specific treatment. Then one day my integrated medicine doctor said to me, “You need to ask yourself why you have become such a good host for all these viruses and dark thoughts.” That was both interesting and life changing. This was the day I started to heal.

I started to have multiple dialogues daily with the dis-ease and my thoughts that were affected by it and beliefs around it.

  1.  Stop Fighting:

This idea of fighting a dis-ease or fight an infection implies a war has to take place and you have to be a warrior and fight. Fighting takes

energy and resources that could be used towards healing and when in fight mode we release hormones used for battle.  If a battle does not occur and we don’t use our muscle to release the hormones which causes inflammation.

  1. Become Curious:

What if it was here to teach you something, possibly trying to nudge you down another path?

What if it was here to help you not harm you? What would it say?  What would it want from you to heal?

This may sound airy fairy to you, I understand, though, it works. It’s about radical acceptance of what is happening, understanding it’s happening for your and being able to make friends with it. That does not mean you like it or wish it upon yourself.  Even though it’s already there and is being expressed through become one with it and use it to change your life instead of allowing it to debilitate you.

  1. Get Neurosculpting – Visualize:

I wonder what loving your dis-ease or anxiety or whatever ails you would look like? Take time each day even if just before bed, or before you get up or before going to sleep to visualize what you want and need to heal. Add colors, and textures with words and images maybe even a symbol. Be willing to pretend and be childlike to make friends and peace with what is being expressed from within for its your way to heal.



Jody Domerstad

Jody Domerstad is honored to be a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator. She is excited to share this work because of how immensely the tools of Neurosculpting have augmented her healing process from the removal of a meningioma from her frontal lobe and the consequent head trauma. Additionally using Neurosculpting® techniques, Jody has begun to re-establish safety in her life, subdue lingering anxiety and fear attributed to PTSD, re-connect communication between spheres of the brain, and has been weaned off anti-seizure medication that was initially prescribed for the rest of her life post brain-surgery. Jody is a popular yoga teacher just outside of NYC offering 200, 300, and 500-hour teacher trainings, in an alignment driven hatha yoga. Other certifications include Inner Light Method and SourcePoint Therapy. Jody is available for private sessions and classes.

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