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There is Power in the Pause

When we are moving too fast, speeding ahead without pause or breath, we can not integrate the lessons and experiences we’ve had.  Without the pause, perhaps we do not assimilate to give our spirits time to expand with seniority.  Our neurology tells us about the importance of this pause.  Neurons fire or don’t fire actions in our brains to transmit signals, thoughts, and behaviors.  Cellular HealthTheir amazing versatility allows them to shut themselves off when necessary, inhibiting all current and signal, creating a neurological silence.  According to Prof. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford, this silence is the result of recurrent collateral, a process that causes a  quiet space just after excitement.  This contrast allows the neurons to sharpen the signal, stamping a clear mark or pattern of excitement and rest.  Neurons can sharpen over time and space in the brain, giving strength to certain maps and patterns.  If our neurons need moments of silence after an experience to stamp that as a “learned” moment, don’t we need that in our outer worlds?

Where can you pause and breathe today and allow for the integration of your experiences?

Dr. Mary Margaret Sweeney knows these pauses well.  As a wilderness survival expert, and a nature-lover, Mary teaches other about the importance of the pause and the vast information available if one listens.  Join us for free in this ONLINE Live Lunch Talk as we hear more from Mary.  This talk will also be available on our Youtube channel.


 If you are interested in experiencing and learning Neurosculpting® then view our events page to find out about online and in person events.

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