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Total Shift: How Neurosculpting® Helped Me Open Up To New Experiences by: Kelley Seriano

When you come from a world of watching your back, trusting with caution, and where the only thing to do was play Rambo to survive, trust can be a tricky thing. My old life consisted of the same outside physical appearance, yet the insides were painted with scars and old neural pathways focused on constant survival and protection of me. I grew up with loving parents and really cool siblings. Yet, the area we grew up in was a bit rougher than most, so it caused us to grow some extra layers of defense when it came to dealing with the outside world, and one another. All of us were popular, which also caused envy of us and between each other. Blessed with beauty and then taught to be tougher than grit on the bottom of a tire, you can say, I had some emotional shifting to do later in life if I wanted my heart to open and stay that way.heart

Contraction Leads to Chronic Pain

Growing up in a contracted state caused chronic and unexplainable pain in my body. Starting dance at a young age, I just worked through the pain as though it was normal, figuring dance would heal it all. When I left Chicago to take a job in Minneapolis, my paradigm started to shift. I started practicing yoga and began learning about energies. Four years later, I had another move, to Denver and started to Neurosculpt with Lisa Wimberger. Through Neurosculpting® I learned that the pain I experienced was an unresolved issue in my tissue and had everything to do with how I was thinking. As I started to sculpt and listen to the pain, I heard words like, “open up,” “it’s safe,” and “I trust you.” These were words I had refused to embrace in the past. OMG! What was I thinking?!


Neurosculpting® Provides Room for Expansion

As I continued to Neurosculpt® my intrapersonal relationships felt expansive, and I found myself sharing more about me. My friends always loved me, but never understood why I was so closed off and quite honestly, I didn’t really know either other than it was something I thought I had to do. When I started taking the intensives at The Neurosculpting® Institute, I learned that was my brain was constantly going into freeze mode or flight mode–another form of survival—but that was changing. It became clear I had found the modality to shift my thinking and heal pain—by getting out of survival mode.

I became certified in yoga facilitation, TRE®, Neurosculpting® facilitation and acroNeurosculpting® Yoga. I continue to expand into the community like never before, with total ease and joy. And through all my feelings of joy, I found a modality of yoga called acro yoga and dance. My resistance toward this play was thick; especially when I found the teacher who I knew would help me break barriers. My resistance caused me to judge. Well, lucky for me, after a month of judgment, I realized that if I was going to learn how to fly I had to leave my old way of thinking at the door. Because the only thing that will really allow me to stand on another’s feet is if I trust them, and they trust me, right? Or place my palms on theirs as they hold my palms and stick their feet on my shoulders as I hold a pose called Star—it’s going to take some maturity.

magicWell lucky for me I know my fear comes out in interesting ways, such as judgment. So, I took some space and started Neurosculpting®. I imagined the color and texture of judgment and released old pictures and images of judgment. I felt this concept in my body and tapped it with my non-dominant hand to anchor it. From there, I even twitched and shook my body to release this issue from my tissue. Later I imagined trust. I brought to mind a time I trusted, and I filled my body with that essence. I rooted myself into the earth, so I felt supported and grounded. Boom! MAGIC appeared, and I was flying. I am beyond blessed and thankful for how my acro yoga and dance practice has evolved in a year, and for the example that Neurosculpting® provided. My new thoughts cause my body to feel expansive while all of the pain is gone. I wonder what will shift as I continue to release judgment and move in trust?

Kelley SerianoKelley Seriano

I was born and raised in Chicago IL and hold a business degree.  I grew up in a family of strong work ethic, my father and mother never took days off for vacation or called in sick. This foundation causes me to stay highly motivated and disciplined. My days were spent as a child through college were spent dancing for at least 4 hours and studying for 3 while managing a full class schedule.  Today I business consult with all sized organizations, and have been for the past 15 years. I stay on top of my passion for fitness, fundraising events and spending time with loved ones. Neurosculpting helped me cultivate greater balance, authentic joy and develop techniques for stress managment. Along with over 400 hours of brain study I am a also certified in Yoga Instruction and Mat Pilates. Blending meditation with my life has allowed me to live fully!

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