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TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) Can Turbo-Charge Your Neurosculpting® Practice – Now Available at NSI

Tension and stress accumulate in all of us simply from living an everyday life. Tension can also  build up from prolonged stressful situations or traumatic life experiences, such as natural disasters or social or domestic violence. Managing this stress by keeping it suppressed saps our energy and focus. Dealing effectively with this nagging energy waster will give your Neurosculpting® work, and your life, an added potency.

TRE® is a simple and easy set of lower-body exercises that helps you release stress or tension from the body by accessing your innate ability to shake or tremor. Unlike the kind of shaking that anyone can act out at will, TRE® accesses shaking from a nervous system level which allows for a deep release of built up tension.

The founder of The Neurosculpting® Institute Lisa Wimberger says, ”Shaking is my quick go-to response for stress. It helps regulate me fast and keeps me present to my emotions.”

There are lots of powerful benefits of doing TRE® in conjunction with your Neurosculpting® practice.  


TRE® can help clear your mind of distracting thoughts and root you deeply in the present. This helps to increase your focus on the Neurosculpting® meditations so you can do more effective work with greater clarity and less effort.



Opens Up Body Awareness

Our bodies can get so used to holding tension that we simply take it for granted. Often we’ve been holding on to this tension for so long that we don’t even notice it. TRE® helps to release these tension spots, allowing for greater access to body awareness during the Neurosculpting® meditations.

Relaxation and Return to Homeostasis3081275447_f81e0c6862_z

TRE® helps you to relax and bring your body to a state of homeostasis, the state of metabolic
equilibrium. Among the many benefits of being in homeostasis, perhaps the most important is the lowering of stress hormones. From a biological standpoint, homeostasis is the cornerstone and entry point of all Neurosculpting® meditations. Being in homeostasis can greatly enhance your Neurosculpting® meditations, allowing for greater access to thoughts, meanings, and impressions.

Spaciousness of Consciousness

TRE® often gives practitioners a feeling of openness and clarity. This clarity can help during the Neurosculpting® meditations by helping you access deeper creativity and understanding. This can help you make more meaningful connections and insights.

Develop An Ability To Access Shaking During Meditations

Once you learn how to access your innate ability to shake and release tension, you can call it up at will and regulate it to the level you see fit. Being able to shake during a Neurosculpting® meditation can help boost somatic release in a significant way.

neurosculpting_institute_travis.jpgTravis Rumsey, Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator, and Certified TRE® Provider is teaching this simple yet profound technique at The Neurosculpting® Institute. In less than an hour, you can learn a technique that will give you the above benefits and more to all areas of your life. Check The Institute’s events page for class times. Or, contact Travis with any questions at

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