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Wake Up or Die More Quickly Trying

Wake up or you might continue to experience each day primed for disease and negativity.  Our prefrontal cortex regulates attention and thoughts with vast amounts of neural connections and a system of arousal and neurotransmitters. If we take no action, our default system favors error detection, threat response, excessive stress, and even disease. Science shows that neuroplasticity — focused attention coupled with experience or a perceived sense of control– manipulates these connections and overrides stress and disease. Each time you feel “why me?” ask yourself instead, “what else is posible?”. Then take responsibility by creating a new story. This exercises the prefrontal cortex and sculpts neural connections with the right balance of norepinephrine and dopamine. YOU are in control of YOUR stories.

To learn more about Neurosculpting® read New Beliefs, New Brain, or benefit from our 6-part audio series.

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