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What are You Feeding Your Neurons?

I’ll bet you’re thinking that your neurons, aka brain cells, are in your brain.  That would make sense, but that’s only partly true.  We have many different types of neurons and they are located in the brain, spinal cord and the gut.  These complex and magnificent cells are responsible for just about everything we do from creating motor movement with our muscles and autonomic functions like our heart beating, to forming complex thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.  Their computational power is astounding and critical to our evolution as a species, yet we don’t learn how to nurture or take care of them in school.

What are you feeding your neurons?

Human Spinal Cord Neurosphere

Neurons need a balance of ions in the body to function properly, as well as robust building blocks to make their messenger chemicals and electrical conduction.  We need to feed our neurons a great balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  We need healthy carbohydrates to make fuel for the cells.  Our cells’ batteries, the mitochondria, need raw fuel to carry out the complex metabolic processes inside the cell that keep the neuron healthy and functional.  We need proteins, or amino acids, to make our neurotransmitters which carry and signal messages to other neurons for networked coordination of thoughts and bodily functions.  We need healthy fats as they are the raw materials for the myelin sheath on the “tail” of our neurons which is what conducts the electrical impulse from one cell to another. And lastly, our thoughts feed our neurons in that they activate and engage them each and every time. With enough repetition our thoughts can create a potentiated pattern that grows in strength and speed of action.

Feeding the properly means keeping your gut, spine and brain in great working order so that the rest of the body can maintain its health and alignment.

So what you eat and what you think matters!

How much better could you support yourself in reaching your highest potential if you fed your neurons their choice food?


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