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What does it mean to be the Warrior?

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Where in your life are YOU the Warrior?

Many of us feel like Warriors in our own way.  For some of the amazing people I work with it’s because they have been Warriors in the literal battlefield or out on patrol as only soldiers and officers can relate to.  Some of those I work with are Warriors in their day-to-day lives, battling and overcoming debilitating illnesses or brain injuries.  And yet some are emotional warriors, fighting each day to choose a smile and stability over depression and destruction.

In the Warrior way we sometimes need to default to a fight-or-flight response to get the job done.  But the hardest work of all is in putting ourselves back together, pulling ourselves out of the limbic fight-or-flight response at the right time, and begin healing the emotional fallout of our actions.  During fight-or-flight adrenaline helps us muscle through.  But when the action is over and we are left with raging hormones, contracted muscles and heart, narrowed mind, and seething perceptions, it’s the ultimate Warrior who can navigate his way back to homeostasis and become present to life’s greater potential.

Whatever your Warrior stories are, you can find emotional resilience through a new navigation of the limbic response.  Learning to access our higher brain functions of the prefrontal cortex is the key to a new Warrior dynamic.

What battles are you fighting each day?ew

Which battles can you give up in order to find greater peace and strength?

What kind of Warrior are you willing to become?

Go deep with us at the Neurosculpting® Institute online or in person for our Warrior immersion.

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