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The Domino Stress Effect & the 5 Quickest Ways to Beat it.

How would you approach life differently if you were the first domino in an infinitely long chain of life events?  What if each and every action, each and ever thought, rippled out in powerful waves from your being to touch the world around you? Would you consider your words and thoughts more carefully? What if stress were the first domino of your nervous system, what new ways would you find to manage it?  Dr. Fulford notes in Touch of Life,

Why is (stress) so harmful?  Because such a pattern finds its way into the nervous system and upsets the entire body chemistry…Sometimes I think the body’s internal systems resemble those long domino arrangements, where if you knock down one tile, it knocks down the next, and that knocks down the next, and so on.”

You and your health have a ripple effect upon the world.  What are you going to do today to stabilize the first domino?

Here are the 5 quickest ways to manage your stress today!

1. Breathe deeply.

2. Shake your body when you feel stress, fear or anxiety.

3. Pull your head out of the computer and get into nature.

4. Cut back on refined sugars.

5. Engage in one hobby.


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