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You are the Universe by: Vija Rogozina

I had the privilege to attend a sold-out event – a book presentation by Deepak Chopra. He and cosmologist Menas Kafatos have just released their new book titled You Are The Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self And Why It Matters.

Deepak Chopra had started his presentation by sharing a story about his five year old grandson. A little kid asked his grandpa about dark energy. “Is it true that 70% of the Universe is made of the dark energy?” Another question raised by the child was about the nature of the ocean, specifically how it was made. The first half of the lecture was dedicated to the scientific attempts to answer those questions, as well as other big questions that still remain open: What is consciousness? What is the universe made of? What makes us human? (see the list of “20 big questions in science” on Internet). We are made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Gravitational force holds everything together in the Universe. However, these facts don’t answer the question “What is the basis of consciousness?” and “Who is asking all these questions?” I remember myself being a curious 6 year old, feeling ecstatic about going to “a real school” so I can learn about all these things. Instead, I got classic conditioning like everyone else.

There are many schools of thought that were trying to solve the puzzle of creation throughout human history: The Classic Universe, Relativistic Universe, The Divine Universe, The Quantum Theory, Multiverse, M-theory, Uncertain Universe etc. They all are thought constructs, so there’s no satisfactory answer that everyone agrees on.  

Observing our own experiences of reality we realize that we perceive everything through sensations, images, feelings and thoughts. Deepak Chopra offers acronym SIFT. They are time-bound and electrochemical in nature. The observer, however, isn’t time bound. The observer is always in the present only.

Through scientific inquiry, Deepak Chopra arrives to the same conclusion as Buddhism and ancient Vedas – there’s only your own consciousness that produces reality. The fundamental reality is awareness, e.g the Conscious Universe. According quantum physics when we observe particles they behave in a certain way. When unobserved, there’s only waveforms, e.g. endless potentiality. Mind, in a similar way, is a fluctuation of consciousness. We are not our bodies, we are not our minds. We are awareness.

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” came to my mind, specifically his reference to E=mc2. He writes that something is missing in this equation. There must be awareness somewhere in there, because without awareness there’s no energy. Deepak Chopra used vivid metaphors to explain latest mathematical models of the world, not being satisfied with any of them. Eventually, he offered a simple equation of his own: U = C. Universe equals Consciousness, hence ‘You Are the Universe’. We are “non local beings having a local experience”. Or, as we say during Neurosculpting meditations: “YOU are the storyteller and this is YOUR experience!”. I wonder, what is your story?  

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Vija Rogozina

Vija is an international educator with meditation experience of over 20 years. Born in Latvia, Vija has lived and worked in the Netherlands, UK, Thailand, India, Colorado and currently lives in Seattle, WA. She speaks four languages fluently and one day hopes to master one more. She is a certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator & Tier 2 Fellow, and has a B.A. in Social Work and a B.A. in Communication. She studied at the University of Leeds, UK, School of Social Work in Latvia, University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the Academy of Film and TV in Delhi. Vija has practiced meditation in varying forms since her late teens and undergone Buddhist study with Sakyong Mipham at the Shambhala Buddhist Center. She is also a 200 hour certified Kids Yoga instructor, a visual artist and a published author. Vija came to her first Neurosculpting® class with Lisa Wimberger in 2011 when she was faced with unaddressed PTSD and ADD patterns. Neurosculpting® has helped Vija to create a more integrated path in her professional and personal life. Always a seeker, Vija has been pursuing knowledge of human condition and self-discovery, especially after having a spontaneous out-of-body experience and multiple dream visions. A single parent and wellness entrepreneur, she walks her talk and applies self-awareness skills daily. She is in constant awe of unlimited human potential and is honored to be able to share powerful Neurosculpting® tools in the Pacific Northwest and globally. She works with private clients and groups, improving her clients’ journey through life. Email:, Website:

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