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Hey, Tough Guy! By: Travis Rumsey

You think you’re so tough? If you’re like most guys, you think being tough and strong is being able to handle stressful situations with as little reaction as possible. You know, not letting the situation bother you — an ability to let things roll off your back. In most cases, an ability to not freak out at the slightest provocation is a good thing. But doing this all day, every day is definitely not a healthy way to be.

Wired for Stress?

Your brain is brilliant at being able to detect danger and it has a pre-conscious ability to predict when a potential danger might happen again. But sometimes this danger detection system can get in our way. If we’re constantly running danger detection programs in the back of our minds, this can steal energy and focus away from the present. And the present is the only place we’re actually able to have an impact.


Imagine you’re driving in stop-and-go traffic. You’re going to be late to your appointment, and you have a yapping dog running back and forth across the backseat. Or imagine you’re re-wiring your vintage motorcycle while hornets buzz around your head. It’s going to be really difficult to focus and get the job done right. You might rear-end the car in front of you because you’re looking in the rear view mirror too much. Or you might blow a few fuses because you cross-wired the turn signals. There’s a term for when thoughts or fears keep buzzing around your head and are at odds with how you want to feel. It’s called cognitive dissonance. It’s very common. We all do it.  But we’re in luck. Neuroscience has given us tools to keep this dissonance at bay.

Rewire for True Strength

The simple five-step process of Neurosculpting® calms down the part of our mind that is focusing on the distraction, while fortifying our focus in the direction we want to go. It quiets down the yapping dog and buzzing hornets so we can get to work. This is real strength – the ability to change the distraction rather than simply keeping it at bay. When we’re able to focus on the present and do what needs to be done, we’re in the strongest, most effective position possible.  That’s what most of us want anyway, isn’t it? We want to be helpful and effective, to lift others up, and to be a hero. And we can’t be all that if our focus is on weathering a storm of distractions such as disappointments, missed opportunities, frustrations with relationships, and on and on.


True strength is an ability to own your thoughts and how you show up in the world.
Stop doing battle with stuff that doesn’t matter and free up energy for the important stuff. The Neurosculpting® Institute makes it incredibly easy to learn how to do this. Whatever your preferred learning style, whether it’s learning by audio programs, online classes, or in-person immersions, there is sure to be a way for you to begin to get a handle on the energy-sapping thoughts that occupy so much of your time. You owe it to yourself to be the best you possible.  When you’re strong and capable,
everyone in your life benefits.

neurosculpting_institute_travis.jpgTravis Rumsey

Spending his life hell-bent on finding real keys to inner peace and a fulfilling life, Travis has finally discovered a few of them.  Neurosculpting is one of those keys…a very major key.  He’s found Neurosculpting to be fun, easy to do, and definitely effective at clearing hidden blocks that keep us from moving forward.

Travis gets excited explaining the science behind Neurosculpting, as well as leading people to a real and transforming experience of having a choice in their life’s direction.
In his private coaching practice, Travis helps clients clear a path to an understanding of their essential selves, which opens them to a life of strength and effectiveness.
Connect with him at
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