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A Path to Empowerment

There are many paths to personal empowerment. Some are spiritual, others mental or emotional; yet it's the rare path that enfolds all aspects of our lives into the process.  What if you could invite and engage your analytical self, or…


When Breathing in Love is Not Enough

Are you tired of pretending to be calm and compassionate when inside you really feel like kicking and screaming? In my life-long meditation training I was often told to "breathe in love".  I so desperately wanted to do this, but…


Rewiring Fear While We Sleep

Fear is a relationship we create with events in our lives.  The events are simply moments in time but the fear we cultivate drags those moments from the past into our current lives, causing a cascade of hormonal, emotional, and…


Is Your Head full of Plastic?

In the last few decades the concept of neuroplasticity has taken hold of the science community.  We agree now that our brains are malleable, waxing and waning in their structure and function, and ever changeable.   NOW we know it's…


Are Two Brains Better than One?

The enteric nervous system, or intrinsic nervous system in our intestines is called the second brain because it contains many of the same neurons and neurotransmitters as our brains do. Many of these are involved with processes like learning, memory…


Goal Directed or Avoidance Directed?

Science is showing us that the left prefrontal cortex activates more with individuals who are goal-directed, and the right prefrontal activates more with individuals who are avoidance-directed. Consider this ad: "Floss regularly to avoid gum disease" vs. "Floss regularly to…


Rewriting the Brain’s Stories

Our ability to learn is one of the great brain functions that keeps us young.  Learning can be considered moments when one pays focused attention to an experience and then encodes that experience as a memory which can then be…


We ARE Magicians

What if you had superhero powers to sculpt reality as you wanted it to be? What if science began to admit such powers?   When scientists discovered our gifts of neuroplasticity late in the last century we officially entered the…


Brain-Body Balance

When we ignore our brain or our body, we easily enter a state of imbalance.  Dr. Robert Scaer, Neurologist and author of 8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance, notes "The relative health of the brain depends on the health of the…

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