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What does it mean to be the Warrior?

Where in your life are YOU the Warrior? Many of us feel like Warriors in our own way.  For some of the amazing people I work with it's because they have been Warriors in the literal battlefield or out on…


What a Difference a Verb can Make!

I AM vs I FEEL Did you know that when the fight-or-flight center of the brain is engaged (the limbic system) saying things like I AM so angry keeps the blood flowing in that direction, feeding that center.   But when…


A Smile a Day can Enhance the Month of Romance!

The month of February is the month of romance.  For some of us that adds extra pressure, and paradoxically can even cause depression.  With a little self-nurture we can begin to shift this disposition.  The muscles of the face, unlike…


Getting Rid of Unwanted Memories

There is likely an ethical debate that could ensue around the art of removing or rewriting unwanted memories.  Perhaps words like denial or delusion come to mind.  But let's pretend for a moment that neither of these things is an…


Stress will Degrade our Social Structure

We know that the limbic brain is our body's fight-flee-freeze center.  It engages this way during perceived moments of threat, danger or fear.  Dr. Stephen Porges notes in his book The Polyvagal Theory that "In most individuals the nervous system…


Raising Your Sword to Battle an Illusion

Our nervous system is a miraculous and complex network of information and control mechanisms.  Our SNS (sympathetic nervous system) readies us for action, to mobilize, to activate, charge, fight or flea..among many other things.  Our PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) calms…


Hydrogenated oils, Aggression and Your Amygdala

In a new study from the University of California, San Diego it was shown that those who eat more trans fats (fried foods or hydrogenated oils) are more prone to aggression.  Perhaps this is because the prefrontal cortex, the part…


Cultivating Compassion, Navigating Crisis

Professor Kristin Neff of the University of Texas is considered a leading researcher in the field of self-compassion.  Her research is showing that those who cultivate self-compassion by exercising gentle and non-judgmental self-talk bounce back more quickly during crisis.  The…


Where the Gray Matters

Recent neuroscience is showing that the more we move into fear and threat response, the more we exercise and strengthen the neural pathways around the limbic brain which is our fight -or-flight center.  We also end up shrinking or pruning…

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