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Combining Neurosculpting® with Therapy for a New Approach by Anthony Sosa, CNSF

Neurosculpting® is a science-based self-examination training process that contains a comprehensive package of exercises, resources, and lifestyle tools for daily use in full support of body, nervous system, mind, and spirit healing. This integrative modality is where science and meditation…


Lisa’s Note of the Day – The VLPFC

Neurosculpting Note of the Day: The VLPFC(ventro lateral perfrontal cortex) is our braking system, inhibiting distracting stimulus, behavior, muscles, and emotional response. When our brain is taxed and tired, the VLPFC is the first to get exhausted, making it even…


Join the Neurosculpting® Institute for a Deep Dive into Self-Directed Neuroplasticity January 2017 by: Megan Winkler

In an age when anxiety and stress are at an all-time high, practical tools for self-healing are more valuable than ever. This January, the Neurosculpting® Institute’s signature Immersion into Practical Neurosculpting® Brain Training returns. Founder Lisa Wimberger will lead the…

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