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Seeing in Black and White…Not Just a Metaphor

We sometimes refer to perspectives as "black and white" where there's little room for moral negotiation.  This is actually more than just a metaphor.  Recent studies show that when one reads information on a black and white background, such as…


Wait Until Your Father Gets Home!

Remember that statement when you were a kid, and how it filled you with a sense of dread when you were in trouble?  The insula is important in our social brains. It's involved with processing events in the future based…


There is Power in the Pause

When we are moving too fast, speeding ahead without pause or breath, we can not integrate the lessons and experiences we've had.  Without the pause, perhaps we do not assimilate to give our spirits time to expand with seniority.  Our…


Thoughts influence Matter

Dr. David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. note in Power Up Your Brain that Neural networks are created by focused, engaged stimulation. . .the choices you make actually do influence the physical structures, the neural networks, in your brain. 'Experience…


Rewire Your Body’s Hard Drive

Science knows now that we can rewire the brain and grow new neuronal maps. Neural maps are the active circuits through which all thought-forms flow.  They are the pathways of mental engagement and creation.  They've found that this happens through…

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